Hello everyone -I am excited to be a part of this group – and to tap into my inner creativity

This year at Siyavula I am looking at how to take our current content for Gr 4-9 to the next level, in terms of interactivity and online learning tools that we want to develop. I am really looking forward to engaging with this community and course to see what I can learn to help what I am doing at Siyavula, but also to feed and stimulate my own mind!

I have a new FabLab at my school and will be excited to take what I have learned back to my faculty and students.I look forward to learning and creating together.

I am a new Director of Technology and have been an educator for 25 years. Looking forward to growing my Community of Practice.

I am Mohona Bose, currently working in the Information Technology department of Legal & General America, Maryland. After doing my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering I have served the IT industry for past 6 years. Now that I’ve got a work-life balance, I feel it’s high time to carry out my passion which has always been with kids and making education interesting for them.

I have taught kids earlier during my college days and also in an evening school named “We care” – after office, while in India. After coming to the US, I have been to the Silver Spring Maker Fair, worked there as a volunteer, worked with the Kid’s team in the UMD lab and looking forward to more such opportunities that involve children, computing and education. One such coming next week is :

It was a wonderful experience meeting Mitch in person and I am eager to go through this session arranged by mit media lab. I am super excited to be a part of it. Unfortunately due to office schedule, I’ll miss the first day session. But I shall try my best to attend all the ones that come after this.

Hi! My name is Fernanda, I’m from Brazil. I have a digital marketing agency here and give classes to postgraduate students of FGV and Estacio de Sa. I just finished my master and am looking foward to watching this class.

I love learning in all forms

I am currently installing a special room in our house for tinker room for myself and my two daughters (the ones I HackSchool)–we’re calling the room The Zap Shack.

I participated in LCL last year and fell in love with it to the point that my husband bought me an Arduino for Christmas

I’m a FabLab enthusiast, d.thinking fan, and learning follower. I do makers/fablab workshops in NYC, Bay Area and Mexico so far. You can see some of my work here.

I’m a mathematician and psychologist, entrepreneur and behavioral designer. Studied a Stanford MA in Learning, Design and Technology and I currently collaborate with the TLTLab (Transformative Learning Technology Lab) of Prof. Paulo Blikstein at Stanford. Looking forward to learn from everyone.

I’m Lisa from Dallas, TX. I was in public education for 10 years and have been in informal education providing professional development to teachers in the Dallas/Forth Worth area for almost 3 years. My passions are Project Based Learning (PBL) and science. I am extremely fortunate enough to be able to combine the two in my current job.

I am a media maker and youth worker, currently living in Somerville, MA but missing Minneapolis, MN where I worked at a Science Museum for a while. Right now I am a grad student at the Harvard Ed School and work for Adobe Youth Voices (another online learning community you should check out).

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