Best of Nailpolish Stories, a Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal, 2021

A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal

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I hook my leg around her arm. She turns to me, and I smile. I gesture at an unfinished bag of chips. She smiles back.

I tie an apron around my waist, black skirt barely grazing my upper thighs, white shirt tight against my breasts. I did come to serve.

Stephanie Mordi is a proud, not so proud Nigerian. She writes as a hobby, but hopes to make a career out of it some day. She enjoys eating, reading and sleeping the most-emphasis on the eating. She is yet to publish any works, but has a large and private collection of short stories and poetry.

Tyrean Martinson is a word hunter. She forages for words both sweet and tart in Washington State. Find her online at her blog: Find her books at most online stores.

Neha Bafna is a Creative Arts Therapy facilitator/practitioner & counsellor, living in India. She is on a mission to let people explore, get empowered and grow, through her work. She is a budding writer, playing with words to express, touch the untapped emotions and spread joy.

Sydney Clark is a junior at Lindenwood University in Missouri. She is double-majoring in Creative Writing and Instrumental Music Performance on the Bassoon. She has had short stories published in Backyard Earth, A Story in 100 Words, The World of Myth, and Paragraph Planet. She has also had poems published in Gaia Lit, 5-7-5 Haiku Journal, and Academy of the Heart and Mind.

So there I was, in the eighteenth street, west New York scrolling through my Instagram, asking my head a year’ol question:

Best of 2021 stories were selected for their unique use of language, breadth of story Woosa reviews in so few words, emotional impact, and the complex and original relationship of the titles to their stories. Congratulations to the writers whose work was selected for this special issue. And thank you to every submitter, contributor and reader of 2021. Nailpolish Stories wishes you an abundance of good health and a most happy 2022. A special note to add that this is the first Best of Issue to feature two pieces by the same author from different issues, Edmund Fines.

Diminished by the northern lights and endless skies, he gazed across the tundra and wondered when he’d be home again. A steely gust roared, Never.

Nailpolish Stories

At dawn, hungover and broke, he stood, hopeless, as objects and curses rained down from her bedroom window. Then it flew at him, ribbons fluttering.

B. J. Thompson is a retired public relations liaison and currently a Calgary, Canada-based literary ine the process of death – of an historical icon, an ideal or an event – in a Trumanesque non-fiction novel delivery, to reveal an answer to a long-held mystery or a societal question, for it’s in life’s final moments that truth plays the only role.

Jeffrey G. Moss was born and bred in Brooklyn, USA. After 32 years urging year olds to craft their worlds he is branching out and following some of his own advice. He has pieces in Bending Genres, Minnow Literary Magazine,Humana Obscura, SPACEONSPACE, and forthcoming in Hunger Mountain.

The sky weeps bitter tears. Ahead, horns blare and lights flash, the city at night a living postcard. I wilt, and you carry me home.

Susanna is a writer and sometimes runner outside of Seattle, Washington. In her minimal spare time, she watches too many Netflix documentaries and pretends she knows how to cook.

Sunday morning, we muse on life over chicken and dumplings. We joke over heartache, regret, because it’s over. We realize we were made into monsters.

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