How to Become a Creator on FanTime

Getting Started on FanTime

To actually use FanTime as a subscriber or creator, you need to register on the website first. You can create a free account by simply providing your username, e-mail address, and password. The process would probably take a minute or even less. If you just want to subscribe to some creators, you will need to provide payment details. FanTime offers a couple of different payment options, including via a credit/debit card or PayPal.

However, you need to follow a couple of additional steps when registering as a creator. Detailed information is provided below.

To become a FanTime creator, you need to sign up and set up a Creator account. Then, you provide your personal information, including your first and last name, gender, and birthdate. Since the platform can be used by single individuals as well as couples, you have an option to choose “Couple” instead of selecting female, male, or trans as your gender identity.

After entering your initials as a digital signature, you will be asked to upload two pictures for identification and age verification purposes. For the first one, you should upload a high-quality photo of an ID of yours (ID card, passport, driver’s license). For the second one, you should hold your ID next to your face and ensure that the information on the document is completely legible.

For the last step, you will be asked to provide some additional details for payouts. These details include your contact, tax, and payment information. You are free to choose a suitable payment method, including payment by check, payment by wire (for international users), and payment by Paxum (a global digital wallet payment service).

After filling in empty fields, you should submit your application and wait for the FanTime team to either approve or decline your request. As you submit your application, you should expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

How Can I Earn Money on FanTime?

The only way to earn money on FanTime is to become a creator and start publishing your content. For this, you need to be 18 or older and have a verified account. Next, you set a monthly subscription fee (from around $5 to $50/month) and wait for the users to follow your profile. You can also earn additional money by interacting with your subscribers. Besides, you make money whenever your followers or non-followers tip you.

When setting up a Creator account on FanTime, you are asked to select a suitable payment option and the minimum payment amount:

  • Payment by check with a minimum payment amount of $20
  • Payment by Paxum with a minimum payment amount of $20
  • Payment by wire with a minimum payment amount of $500

Although these are the three primary payment options, a couple of other country/state-specific choices appear when you provide your contact information.

As you start earning on FanTime, you will get paid 80% of what you make weekly. FanTime only keeps 20% of the subscription fees and tips you have received from your followers.

Is FanTime a Legit Community Building Platform?

In a nutshell, FanTime is a legit subscription-based platform that allows you to build your own community, monetize your content, and earn sugardaddie kaydol money safely from home. FanTime is a totally easy-to-use platform that makes your experience even more enjoyable.

While building your own brand is not always that easy, FanTime enables you to set up a desired domain, customize your profile using your own logo and color palette, and get free traffic to increase your earnings. FanTime ensures that you become a Creator without facing any challenges and earn money online while enjoying your trouble-free experience with the platform and its users.

FanTime is a great platform for sharing photos and videos that are likely to get banned on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok. Since the website mainly features creators sharing some adult content, it must not be used by individuals aged below 18.

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