Put your little monster on full display in this framed print, customized with your most best maternity jeans recent ultrasound photo. After the party wraps, hang it in your baby’s nursery, so you can teach ’em the joys of Halloween from day one. When designing a cake for a baby boy’s shower, you can’t really go wrong with using blue and white as the main colours. A great and elegant way to decorate a cake is by creating small fondant pearls and sticking them to the sides of the cake. You can also create fondant baby shoes, to place on the top of the cake.

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  • Put all of the photos on a table or a bulletin board, and have everyone guess whether the person in each photo is a relative of the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be.
  • Gender reveal parties can make that moment even more special by getting friends and family in on the surprise in a festive setting.
  • Because these parties are held earlier in the pregnancy, the presents will likely differ from that of a baby shower.
  • To decorate the cake for the party, hang a mini clothesline made out of straws and string to hang tiny paper onesies as a cake topper.
  • Then baby is definitely going to need some ear protection.

If you really want to take it to the next level, opt for a chocolate cake with orange or black buttercream frosting. Let your guests play bartender with an assortment of fresh fruit juices, sparkling wines and garnishes. And parenthood is an adventure unlike any other, whether you’re having a boy or a girl. For religious parents waiting until birth to find out the baby’s gender. This short saying is easy to fit on any cake and always ends up looking nice. First we had each other, and now we’ll have everything.

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The blue tie and pink skirt are creative variations on the traditional blue bow tie and pink bow. If you want to reveal your baby’s gender in the fall, invite friends and family over to carve pumpkins. Carefully carve “it’s a girl” or “boy” into your pumpkin, before your guests arrive. When everyone is done carving, put a lit candle inside each pumpkin and place the pumpkins on your doorstep. Ask everyone to stand below your steps with their eyes closed, and then capture their expressions from the doorway when you tell them to open their eyes. Announce the arrival of your little boy or girl by writing it in the sand.

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For centerpieces, you can opt for a matching bouquet of garden roses or keep with the theme and create dragon eggs in a basket to set at each table. As for the table setting, keep it authentic by using vintage china, goblets for drinking, and rustic-looking silverware. If you’re a true G.O.T. fan, you can ask everyone to dress the part for your baby shower.

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Jgi / jamie grill / getty images perhaps it’s time to admit that baby showers are becoming a thing. All living organisms in the world can be classified as either an autotroph or heterotroph. Learn how to plan and host a gender reveal party with these tips on who should host, how to reveal the gender, gifts, party favors, and more. Check out these best gender reveal party ideas for some clever inspiration.

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The hostess writes down these predictions, or guests can submit via email. Once Baby has arrived, the person who was closest with the most right answers gets a prize mailed to them. Instead, alter this classic baby shower game where baby animals that go by obscure names are paired with their adult counterpart.

A fun and simple idea for your upcoming new baby celebration is Snitch snacks! Use Ferroro Rochet chocolates in their wrapper to make up the snitch. Cut out and decorate small wings and use the sticker to secure them to the “Snitch”, as shown below. Don’t forget to include information about the location, time, and method to RSVP for the baby shower.