Press any remaining air bubbles out after you have mounted the feeder. Because they have sugary foods, hummingbird feeders and oriole feeders can get moldy faster and should be cleaned more frequently—typically every time you refill them. You’ll also want to regularly remove old or damp seed and seed hulls from beneath your feeders to prevent them from getting moldy and attracting pests. Large bird species like blue jays can scare away smaller birds, and if you only want the latter at your feeders, try a product like the Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder. The Brome Wild Bird Feeder is sleek, sturdy, and best of all, squirrel proof! The tube-style feeder is rectangular, and its inner UV-resistant plastic tube is surrounded by a green metal cage with decorative leaves on it.

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The most effective way to make the glass visible is to apply black vertical tape stripes over the entire window, but this is not an option for most people. One of the best solutions is to purchase bird netting at a garden supply store and put this over the window. The birds will hit the netting instead of the window, and you will still be able to see out the window. All that being said, the best way to protect songbirds from raptors is to provide cover for them with a well-planted yard. This gives smaller birds a place to hide if a hawk is nearby.

  • You can fill the feeder with this popular seed to attract local and wild birds.
  • Easy to assemble, this squirrel proof bird feeder is the best overall pick.
  • Bring more birds to your garden by recycling old materials in a genius way.
  • Weatherproof – being placed outside means it will be exposed to harsh elements and extreme climates.
  • If you are in search of the best wild bird seed that comes with a gourmet blend of ingredients, then this option is ideal for your search!

“An added benefit is reducing waste seed from seed mixes which can kitchen gadgets store attract rodents.” This Oct. 4, 2014 photo taken near Langley, Wash., shows a Northern Flicker feeding at an oversized suet feeder built especially for woodpeckers. Some birds are more aggressive eaters than others so it’s wise to feed at different locations using different kinds of seeds and feeders. One answer to that is to feed at multiple locations using different kinds of seeds and feeders.

But with so many types of feeders (and birds!) available, it can often be challenging to know which one is suitable. Surprisingly, birds are rather fussy about the type of feeder they eat from, so there are a few considerations to make before buying. For more information on hot pepper foods and other squirrel deterrent techniques, see our article 5 proven tips to keep squirrels out of bird feeders.

Types Of Window Bird Feeders

However, if the aforementioned method is too technical, then you simply wash the product with a solution of bleach and water. Just like the Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder, this option is also chew-proof and UV stabilized. An old bird cage looks kind of cool out in the yard when it’s repurposed as a bird feeder.

Handmade Metal Bird Feeder

Because as we mentioned, the feeders are quite engaging for your pets, but cats are still natural predators, and will attempt to hunt your feathered visitors. Plus, it will keep your cats safe too, since some birds carry diseases that could be dangerous for your cats (for instance, some song-birds may carry Salmonella). Believe it or not, birds come to feeders they find attractive. These feathered creatures love bright colors – red, yellow, purple, green.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Feeders for high flyers on top and feeders for low ones below. It can carry quite a heavy load so that’s a real plus as well. However, while birders think that it is made elegantly, the height requirement for a safe and effective may not be the best. To make sure that they are good enough for your yard, consider the length that goes into the ground and the part left for the actual pole. She is a Master Gardener with extensive personal and professional experience testing, reviewing, and writing about home and garden products. A fan of squirrels, but only in the forest, you can find more of her work on The Spruce.


And why not when they manufacture such great equipment and food making birders very happy. The overeating squirrels will never get to the seeds as the dispensing holes are way too small for the squirrels to get through. Sometimes they are cute and cuddly but most of the time, they are really annoying – a problem for most birders that definitely needs to be resolved.

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It still works, but it doesn’t look as pleasing as before. One thing I don’t like about this cardinal feeder is that it only has two perches, which means it can only accommodate two birds at a time. Other cardinals who would like to eat sometimes fly away to find food elsewhere, which is disappointing. What I don’t like about this feeder though is that rain water tends to seep through the cover through the Sure Lock cap.

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If you have some other bird feeders in your yard you can take them down for some days in order to give full attention to the new feeder. In this suction cup bird feeder birds can’t perch on the sloped roof, so it doesn’t get messy with bird droppings the way flat topped feeders do. Attracting those birds should not be a problem, especially if the bird feeder is in a garden with flowers and plants. Just keep the feeder and the feed-in their flying vision, so that the birds can see it easily. You can place colourful seeds or colourful nectar to attract birds. Easy to use- The suction cups and sliding trays are very strong and stable, and you can feed and enjoy the birds even during bad weather.